[event] IxDA Boston UX Show & Tell

6 Jul 2010 - 9:27am
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Boston IxDA

Do you have... - A nagging design problem? - An interesting new technique? - A crazy idea that needs validation?

Do you need... - A comfortable place to get friendly feedback? - Practice giving or receiving design critique? - Free pizza and drinks?

UX Show & Tell is a casual workshop that's all about the work. Show shortcuts. Ask what to annotate in a wireframe. Draft scenarios and user stories, and identify one from the other. Get feedback from practitioners instead of stakeholders and engage in discussions on process and strategy.

** Format Bring your deliverables to either get useful, implementable feedback or to show unique solutions to potentially common design problems. Drafts/incomplete work welcome.

We'll have a round-table discussion where one person tells the group if they need help with a design problem, or if they are sharing a unique solution that's worked well for them in the past. That person will then take a few minutes to walk through what he or she is sharing and where help is needed, if appropriate.

Questions and dialogue from the rest of the group are expected and encouraged -- this isn't meant to be one person presenting to an audience!

If you don't want to bring anything to show, you're more than welcome to attend and contribute to the discussion.

At 8:30 PM, we'll adjourn our discussions to a nearby watering hole.

** Participants As always, all current or prospective user experience designers, information architects, web developers, content strategists, graphic designers, etc. are encouraged to share deliverables or just attend.

If you would like to present, please respond to this mail with [ux show & tell presentation] in the title and a brief description of the topic. Paper deliverables are perfectly acceptable (please bring several copies), and we'll also have wireless internet and a projector or wide-screen display available for showing work. Drafts, incomplete work, personal projects and prototypes are all welcome for sharing.

This event is brought to you in association with; http://abbett.org/ http://uxshowandtell.com/ http://www.maark.com

-- IxDA Boston organisers: Lisa, Harlan, Jesse & Pauric local site: http://www.bostonixda.org follow us: http://twitter.com/bostonixda Feed: http://boston-ixda.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

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