Re: [IxDA] Commenting an article - below article or below article+other comments ?

8 Jul 2010 - 11:21am
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2010/7/8 Jakub Andrzejewski : > Hi, > > I'd like to hear your opinion on where to place a form to comment an > article: > > 1. Directly under the corresponding article (and above existing comments) > > 2. All the way down under both the article and the existing comments > > I have a feeling it depends... > > If you happen to have any examples, supporting research for either option > please share :)

It depends ;)

if your goal is to have a lot of comments, its better to put the form above comments, if you want to have better quality comments - with discussion between users and without duplicates comments i would recommend put form below comments. You can also try the tird way, comments on the side of article.


-- Piotr

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