RE: [IxDA] After the UX person has left, are UI Guidelines enough ?

14 Jul 2010 - 8:49am
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Brian Mila


UI guidelines can be effective, but don't expect them to be strictly followed. I work at a company where a UX person before me wrote a style guide and later left. When I came onboard, the company was still following the style guide. But things had drifted a little in some areas. That’s not all bad though. Style guides are just guides anyway, they allow for designers to make their own decisions.

If you are really looking for strict adherence, you'll need to set up some kind of governance unit, maybe 3 or 4 core designers. Or try to get the QA dept to add visual style to their list of things to validate. If this is just a contract job for you, you probably won't have that much luck making that big of a change. If it’s a full time position for you, and this is your concern, then you should try to affect a larger change than just handing over a style guide. Besides setting up a group to govern the corporate styles you could teach the ways of user-centered design and usability, because it will be impossible for your style guide to cover every possible future scenario the designers will encounter.


> > Hi, > > I'm on a project in a big bank. I am creating a good UI with proper UX > for an > existing project. My concern is that when I am gone, even if I write a > UI > guidelines document, developers will mess up the UI when they add new > elements / screens. > > What is your experience with that ? Were UI guidelines ever effective ? > > Regards, > Karl. > > > > (((Please leave all content below this line))) > ________________________________________________________________ > Welcome to the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Discussion! > Manage Account .......... > Discussion Guidelines .......... > > -- > > View original post: > > >

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