New prototyping tool Quplo in beta

20 Jul 2010 - 2:53am
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Yohan Creemers

Q42 announced that their new prototyping tool Quplo is now in beta. Quplo is an online tool that helps designers and developers create interactive and functional GUI prototypes using native web technologies HTML, CSS and Javascript. Knowledge of these technologies is required, there is no WYSIWYG editor.

Prototypes created in Quplo are instantly available on the net and allow collaboration between clients, designers and developers. 

The two guys who created Quplo see the tool as complementary to tools like 37signals' Draft (for sketching) and Balsamiq Mockups (for wireframing), not as a replacement. What do you think?

Screenshot of Quplo


20 Jul 2010 - 4:05am

Doesn't look much different from an online version of Textmate or Dreamweaver from the Editor perspective, and the ability to store the project files online.
I don't see how it compares to Draft or Balsamiq Mockups either, nor how it works alongside it to complete the loop on wire framing and prototyping.
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27 Jul 2010 - 7:07am
Rahul Choudhury

Hi Hemanshu,

Quplo is different from Textmate and Dreamweaver in that it's specifically built for prototyping. We created a set of tags called "flow" that enrich HTML and make it easier to do repetitive tasks involved in prototyping, such as creating layouts, pages, and reusable parts, as well as basic conditionals, looping, variables, and functions. There's also access to information like what browser is being used, and what's currently stored in the GET and POST.

It compares to Draft and Mockups in the sense that those products, as wireframing tools are the first step in the development process. We felt that there was no adequate tool that could fill the space between those tools and actual development, so we created Quplo, which allows you to create interactive prototypes as opposed to static wireframes.

Hope that helps,

Rahul Choudhury

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