Re: [IxDA] Do we really need to use Vowels to call ourselves a Designer?

22 Jul 2010 - 10:34pm
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Prof. AProfeta

Ha! Too funny. Like Franklin on Religion [para phrased]: I may not subscribe to the dogma but like the fact that it keeps people moral!

In light of the unemployed/under employed designers in the US at the moment and the growing confusion on "what is my industry name"; I'm not sure that laying off the defining vowels will help the situation much. Well that is what an IA told me;)

Great post Jared! Tny Pr ------Original Message------ From: Jared M Spool Sender: To: Tony Profeta ReplyTo: Subject: [IxDA] Do we really need to use Vowels to call ourselves a Designer? Sent: Jul 22, 2010 1:25 PM

Or, put another way:

D w rlly nd t s vwls t cll rslves dsgnr?

After all, we've seen the successful removal of vowels from sites like Flickr
(though it's true they just didn't want to pay the extra dollar for the 'e'
-- the life of cost-cutting startups).

But, do I as a dsgnr have to really invest in understanding and using vowels
on a regular basis? Is it really important for me to dsgn ntrctns?

I contend that vowels only get in the way of good ntrctn dsgn, so I'm
thinking nt.


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