[IXDA] Anyone taken Cooper's Interaction Design Practicum? Is it *really* Interaction Design training?

23 Jul 2010 - 8:30am
3 years ago
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Hi All,

I'm looking for some good training in Interaction Design to Supplement a Master's in HCI that touched on the topic. About Face was one of my required texts, so naturally I looked toward Cooper for training, but the curriculum just doesn't seem to address designing interactions.

Any thoughts?



23 Jul 2010 - 9:19am
Sue Gemmell

I attended Cooper's IxD practicum several years ago, I thought it was great. The practicum does cover more than just the interaction design segment, it includes how to gather and use data to build personas, and then connect your design to what you know about your users (how they will interact with your product). This is very valuable.


23 Jul 2010 - 4:39pm
Dave Cronin

Hi Mike,

We certainly do talk quite a bit about interaction design in our IxD course. We've made some adjustments to the curriculum lately, and the high-level outline is something like this: 

Day 1: Understanding business objectives, user research
Day 2: Personas, scenarios, defining user experience requirements
Day 3: Product definition and interaction design
Day 4: Interaction design, collaboration and design communication

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have about the course.

Dave Cronin
dave at cooper dot com

14 Aug 2013 - 11:17am

Hi Dave,

I am planning to enrol myself for the upcoming Oct 2013 Interaction design course in San Francisco, CA.

I have a request-

1. would it be possible for you to provide me a detailed agenda of all the 4 days program. I mean what you would exactly cover in a day.

2. When you say User research, would it mean that you will cover all the methods of doing user reaserch and how to present the result. Will you be demonstrating it by using a real time example or it is mostly theory and no practical.

3. Does this course covers all the aspects of information architecturing (IA)?

Please help me understanding the course little bit more in depth so that i feel confident and enrol myself without any doubts.

Thank you

19 Aug 2013 - 4:24pm

Hi Smita,

Dave Cronin is no longer at Cooper. He's since moved on to direct Interaction Design at GE. I recommend contacting Doug LeMoine at Cooper to get the information you're seeking or Alan Cooper himself. They're both incredibly friendly and helpful.

I attended the Interaction Design Practicum back in 2009. It was a fantastic experience and definitely worth the time and expense.

Good luck,

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