UX tool for iPad: iBrainstorm from Universal Mind

23 Jul 2010 - 10:11am
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We're very proud to announce the release of our FREE UX process tool for the iPad and iPhone, iBrainstorm!


In early April, with the iPad's release looming, we came up with an idea to help streamline our process for ideation. Normally, our UX team uses a technique called 'sketchboarding' where we roll out and tape large sheets of craft paper to our clients walls, put sticky notes with ideas and concepts all over it, and mark it up with sharpies. Then, we roll it up and bring it back to our UX studio where the entire team collaborates on it over time. We thought the iPad provided a perfect platform for an electronic version! So, with some iterative in-house design and development, we created a tool for us to use and has become part of our best practices in UX. 

We've decided to share iBrainstorm with the UX community, but we need your help. iBrainstorm was build by Universal Mind, for Universal Mind. We realize it may not be perfect for your processes and needs. Help us to create a tool that the entire UX community can benefit from and create more meaningful and user-centric designs! Download iBrainstorm to your iPad and work with it for awhile. Give us feedback so that we can improve and build upon the base we've created. You can send feedback to our twitter feed or through the website:


A companion application for the iPhone (iBrainstorm Companion) is currently in review and will allow a user to flick a sticky note from a connected iPhone to a running session on your iPad. You can connect up to four users on iPhones to an iPad session via WiFi or Bluetooth. It adds a great collaborative team aspect to the app! We'll post another thread when it launches.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute! Looking forward to your ideas.

- Erik Loehfelm, Executive Director of User Experience Design, Universal Mind

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