IxDA List Feature - Title entry = Archive Search

24 Jul 2010 - 2:40pm
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Dave Malouf

I wanted to point out a feature that I think can really help people out and hopefully will get more people to explore the Web-interface as a better primary interface for writing and exploring the digital community.

When you "Create a Thread" from http://ixda.org/discussion and go to http://ixda.org/node/add/discussion you get a form to fill out w/ the usual fields of title, tags and body. you can even add attachments, make your text a bit richer using HTML or the WYSIWYG editor. But there is also another feature that I think might help limit a lot of the redundant traffic.

If you look at the right you'll see "Related Threads" (see image). This dynamic feature enters thread titles that have similar titles so if you type Masters Degree or Job Titles or Portfolios a host of relevant titles will come up. Of course you have to leave your entry form to see these (or just right click and open in new tab/window), but just seeing the list is really great!

Thanx E. Bacon (@ebacon) for pointing this out. I must have used the site a host of times and didn't realize this way here due to some attention blindness going on, on my part.


It might be interesting in this thread to discuss how best to put functionality like this in our site so that *my* error doesn't happen (I'm assuming I'm not alone). I like what GetSatisfaction.com and Digg.com do as starters, but it is very HEAVY handed and creates extra steps which I know has negative repercussions. 

-- dave

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