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27 Jul 2010 - 4:12am
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James Page

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There are only 9 days left for our early bird tickets at £69.00. On the 5th of August the price is going up to £99.00. You can also get a further 15% reduction if you follow  @uxbri and tweet about the event.
'UX Brighton 2010' is an extension of our monthly meet-ups which have become so successful that we decided to organise this full-blown one day conference for the design and web technology communities. 

This event takes place at the Sallis Benney Theatre on September 13th and will bring you ideas about UX from Brighton, the UK and Europe. By exploring such disciplines as cognitive psychology, linguistics and behavioral economics, we can get a clearer understanding of what goes on inside users' heads - which ultimately informs better design. The speakers include the revered Rory Sutherland and Eric Reiss, along with other guest speakers:

Rory Sutherland As Vice Chairman of ad agency Ogilvy Group UK, Rory was one of the first in the advertising industry to realise the potential of the Internet. You may have seen his TED talk which was the 5th most tweeted talk at the TED conference.
Eric Reiss. As a partner of User Experience Consultancy FATDUX, Eric is one of the most influential figures in UX and Information Architecture, writing well-known books such as 'Practical Information Architecture' amongst others.

Claire Rowland is talking on the Psychology of Design. She is the Design Lead at Fjord London. She has over 11 years of experience in UX roles for companies such as Flow Interactive, Razorfish, Credit Suisse and the Press Association.

Jeroen Van Geel is speaking on Product Personality. He is the founder of the hugely popular 'Johnny Holland' magazine and is the Senior Interaction Designer at Fabrique Communication & Design.
Julian Hirst is head of the UK side of design agency Electronic Ink. He'll be speaking on Linguistics and how what people say is altogether different from what they do.

Dr. Harry Brignull is one of Europe's leading bloggers on UX with his popular blog 90 percent of everything. He is the head of User Experience at Madgex, has a background in cognitive science and will be speaking on 'Dark Patterns' - the evil tricks that designers play to make people do things online.
James Page & Sabrina Mach are talking about how the user's context affects behaviour. They are the makers of Webnographer, the remote unmoderated quantitative user research platform and also co-organizers of this event.
Plus another two mystery speaker: who could it be?

Early Bird Tickets at just £69.00 instead of £99.00 are soon to be unavailable. Book yours now:
Brighton is located on the South-East coast of England just 30 minutes from London Gatwick airport.

About UX Brighton
All the profits of the event go towards running UX Brighton, and other related UX activities. UX Brighton is a volunteer community group aiming to disseminate knowledge in all aspects of user experience (including various branches of psychology). It was started 2 years ago by Danny Hope. UX Brighton has been running monthly meet-ups that have gone from a few people in a room, to occasionally over 150 people attending.
Sponsors: WebnographerAegir HallmundurInuda InnovationsBrandwatchUniversity of BrightonThe Copy HouseAssankaThere are only 9 days left for our early bird tickets at £69.00. On the 5th of August the price is going up to £99.00. You can also get a further 15% reduction if you follow  @uxbri and tweet about the event.

On 1 July 2010 15:19, Danny Hope <> wrote:

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After successfully running UX Brighton for two years, we have decided
to turn one of our meet-ups into a full blown conference. So, I'm
pleased to announce UX Brighton 2010 – a conference with an emphasis
on designing for behaviour. This will be a one day event at the Sallis
Benney Theatre on September 13th, where we'll be learning how
disciplines such as behavioral economics, cognitive psychology and
linguistics can provide a clearer understanding of what goes on inside
our customers' heads and inform better design.

Get your early bird ticket now:
£69 rather than £99

Danny Hope
User Experience Design, Brighton UK
+44 (0)7595 226 792

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