Re: [IxDA] Actually, You Might Be Your User

27 Jul 2010 - 3:27pm
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On 25/07/2010 18:16, Yvonnia Martin wrote: > Those self checkout systems in the grocery stores have fallen victim > to my rants, because not only do I experience the system, I evaluate > it and make recommendations. So there I am at register 6--yelling > about how one of the buttons is mis-labled or how some part of the > process is counterintuitive. And then my husband has to tell me to > shut up and keep walking . My only concern is "am I subjecting my work > to a bias?"

Ooh ooh me too. When I use the Sainsbury self check-out in the UK, and it says 'swipe your loyalty card' (Nectar card for this in the know) I don't know what to do, as when I swipe it through the credit card reader nothing happens. Apparently you have to 'scan' it, like when scanning the things you're buying. The use of the (in)appropriate word makes all the difference, and it's an observation and awareness that I then try to apply to the things I design.

-- Nick Gassman UX, design and insight,

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