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3 Aug 2010 - 11:16am
6 years ago
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I am a junior interface designer living here in Dallas Texas. I just recently lost my job in telemarketing for social media, in which I really didn't like, I tried reasoning with my company about interaction design but they wouldn't hear me out. I would like to start an organization that mirrors the values of ixDA's principles, yet targets the younger demographic. I would like to educate high school students about interaction design creating youth clubs and fostering an interest early. I'm hoping to get collegiate students interested as well to gain more colleagues in the industry. I am very passionate about interaction design and engaging people to learn about how they use technology and software. I am hoping to gain connections with other collegiate students throughout not just the United States but the WORLD.

Interaction is about engaging cultures and breaking down accessibility by creating this youth organization we can build the profession and help shape and mentor young professionals for the industry. I think it would be amazing to have summer interactive music concerts, field trips to professional usability labs, engaging presentations, and a unique scholarship fund for the organization. Interaction design and Information Architecture is growing at a vast rate, with mobile technology, leading software development, and other advancement user interaction is most definitely about to surge in growth.  I would like to start this global junior organization and then have state chapters via MeetUp, although it's a HUGE task to accomplish if anyone is willing to help please leave a message below.

I am quite serious in creating this group, I would like to travel around the world engaging people about technology and HCI learning different techniques and methods and record it via a video blog. I think others should engage the world as well. Please help me start this initiative for future JixD's because we need mentor-ship NOW!! Thanks for reading I truly appreciate it!!


4 Aug 2010 - 10:03pm
Byron Stewart

Your idea is a great one.

Young people need to be exposed to design thinking early and often.

Recently I lead a workshop here in Chicago at the Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center. (www.blackpearl.org) The workshop was with 3rd and 4th graders, we were looking at finding solutions to violence in the community using design thinking. I’m also working with Design for America (DfA) this summer at Northwestern University’s/Segal Design School. DfA brings together grads. and undergrads, from a variety of majors, for 6 weeks to work on a design solution for a community based organization.(CBO) Our local IxDA chapter is also working toward the goal of exposing CBOs’ to design. What you want to have happen is happening. But not enough.


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