WORKSHOP REMINDER: Tummeling: Creating Social Engagement for Interaction Designers - Saturday August 7 - San Mateo, CA

3 Aug 2010 - 3:11pm
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Innovative comedian Heather Gold explains basic differences between presentation and conversation and the assumptions underneath each. More entertainingly (and usefully) she demonstrates these ideas by creating a great, relevant conversation in the room so that all can feel the difference.

WHAT: Tummeling: Creating Social Engagement for Interaction Designers
WHO: Heather Gold
WHEN: Saturday, August 7, 10:00am PT
WHERE: San Mateo Library in San Mateo, California
COST: $170 for BayCHI members, $200 for non-members


Who should attend?

+ Anyone who gives presentations and wants to energize and engage everyone in the room.
+ Designers, UX people, toolmakers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create space for real connection between people and with your endeavor.
+ Community, social media and marketing people who start, host and continue to energize conversations.

Heather will explain how to tummel and how to specifically design for it.

This tutorial will emphasize how to use these techniques to design for social engagement. The real-time web has a lot of interaction between people, not just between people and graphics or interfaces. Learn how to start with the social drivers to create the best space and conditions for engagement.

You'll learn the conversational "mechanics" that let you create quick intimacy and avoid boredom. Go from talking AT or TO a large group of people to talking WITH them. You already know how to have a great conversation with one person. Learn how to read the room and transform your presentations into conversations. Heather will use a fishbowl technique to have some intense participation for some and looser participation for everyone.



Abi Jones
BayCHI Publicity Chair | Twitter: @baychi

UnPresenting Workshop
Heather is also hosting a full-day workshop in San Francisco on August 8 limited to 12 people that gives intense personal attention to each participant. In the workshop, you’ll prepare and lead a conversation with personal guidance from Heather. BayCHI members can sign-up at a discounted rate of $385 at

About the Instructor
Heather Gold is a comedian, innovative solo performer, speaker, and talk show host best known for her ability to work the room. She involves the people formerly known as the audience in her shows and shares her insights hosting TWIT's Tummelvision and in popular keynotes at places like Google and Web 2.0. Much to her parents' delight she has degrees from Yale and Northwestern Law.

The San Mateo Public Library facilities are being rented for the tutorial. The viewpoints and materials presented at this event are not necessarily endorsed by City of San Mateo or the San Mateo Public Library.


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