Business analysis, functional design, and governance

4 Aug 2010 - 2:10am
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Bruce Melendy


Working with a project manager who's insisting that BAs - or people who analyze and document requirements - should not also be the same people who do functional design (which by the way 'doesn't exist' according to him - he's nothing if not opinionated) - something to do with a governance conflict. The issue seems to be that the same person should not do requirements and functional (ie solution) design, as this creates a conflict of interest or accountability.

Have any of you ever come across this argument? I've been a BA for a long time and have done both requirements and functional design all along the way - as I suspect many of you have too. I can see there being a split in these duties when an organization is either big enough for the division of labor or just doesn't have the skills in-house, but I've never heard of separating them for governance reasons.

In favor of allowing the two functions to be performed by the same person, I'll just mention that the BA Body of Knowledge talks about prototyping, UI analysis, and use cases - and of course use cases can involve wireframes.

And by 'functional design' I don't necessarily mean creatives, but really wireframes of any degree of crudeness - just enough UI design to make it easier to convey to graphic designers, developers, UX experts, et al, exactly what is meant to happen when the user presses the button.

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