16 Aug 2010 - 8:40am
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16 Aug 2010 - 9:21am
Dave Malouf
The reviews I read on iTunes were pretty mixed, so I skipped it. I'm right now heavily using my iPad for sketching, but not mocking up. It seems that the only tool for doing really good mockups that I have found is OmniGraffle which at $50. Is not something I'm willing to "test out". For sketching Penultimate is killin' it for me right now. Regarding keynote: you can do stuff in it but it is missing key features for it to be truly useful. Way sad, so close! - dave
16 Aug 2010 - 11:05am
Chris Korhonen

Its not bad... good if you want to really quickly throw a wireframe together to illustrate something, but perhaps not the best for really diving in deep and describing complex interactions.

Its certainly better than the iPad version OmniGraffle for wire framing - I personally found it to be terrible, everything not only seemed very complicated but there were serious issues when importing wireframes connected on the desktop or using stencils like the Konigi set which made in unusable.

I tend to use my iPad mainly for convenient surfing, but it can be useful for the odd bit of productive work - the iWork apps I find very handy.


On Aug 16, 2010, at 10:59 AM, Maurice Carty wrote:

> Hello all, > > I was wondering if anyone had tried the iMockup for the iPad (wireframe tool). > Is it worth it, or just another thingy? Is the iPad a worth while tool for running "any" productive apps, or for more /convenient/ surfing? > > A link to the iMockup tool. I haven't found much reviews on this. > http://www.endloop.ca/imockups/ > > Thanks, > -mo- > >

16 Aug 2010 - 11:16am

Yeah, I have it and love it for quick and simple mockups on the go. I wouldn’t start a large project with it, but for getting something down quickly on a plane or on vacation it is pretty nice. I haven't tested out any export paths yet.

Re Omni-gfsfdfdsafdfas   :)  when I saw the $50 price tag I just about spit. Personally I can't imagine ANY app worth that price. Even Apple doesn't charge more than $20 for their full featured apps.  Also, and not to start a debate though I'm sure one will come, I have a very hard time believing in any tool that is only on a Mac. I love my iPhone and iPad for consuming content, but for design I am a PC. I love being on the platform I am designing for in the end. So, why is the most popular UX tool only on the Mac? Adobe understands this.  It makes no sense. It feels pretentious, so I won't use it. I feel especially strong about this given that the majority of companies needing high end UX, IA services are corporations and they are by far dominated by PCs. I wish it made sense from a workflow standpont.

Respectfully yours


16 Aug 2010 - 3:14pm
Neil Lee

> I was wondering if anyone had tried the iMockup for the iPad (wireframe
> tool).
> Is it worth it, or just another thingy? Is the iPad a worth while tool for
> running "any" productive apps, or for more /convenient/ surfing?

There's a small discussion I kicked off a while ago about wireframing
on the iPad[1] that may be of interest.


I now have a copy of iMockups that I've been dipping into here and
there. For fast stuff it's pretty good, but I haven't built anything
complex with it yet. I'll try to get off of my duff this week and
write up some thoughts about it.

In brief, it's not bad, and if you're uneasy about paying the $50 for
Omnigraffle it's a good compromise.

I've been planning to try Keynote out on the iPad as well, as I've
been using it on the desktop for a while now and quite like it,
especially with the Keynote Wireframe Toolkit[2]. Might be another
option to try if you already own a copy.


By the way, is anyone else seeing issues replying to the mailing list? I sent a reply to this thread in the morning and it still hasn't appeared.

17 Aug 2010 - 9:48am
Dave Malouf
I bought keynote kungfu& love it on my Mac, but b/c the iPad version ungrouos elements & doesn't import master slides & the lack of a lasso-type selection tool it is really not good on the iPad. I was really disappointed. Again, I'm loving it on my Mac , demoing on my iPad is still aces. - Dave
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