Re: [IxDA] iMockups for iPad?

16 Aug 2010 - 9:35am
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Neil Lee

> I was wondering if anyone had tried the iMockup for the iPad (wireframe > tool). > Is it worth it, or just another thingy? Is the iPad a worth while tool for > running "any" productive apps, or for more /convenient/ surfing?

There's a small discussion I kicked off a while ago about wireframing on the iPad[1] that may be of interest.

I now have a copy of iMockups that I've been dipping into here and there. For fast stuff it's pretty good, but I haven't built anything complex with it yet. I'll try to get off of my duff this week and write up some thoughts about it.

In brief, it's not bad, and if you're uneasy about paying the $50 for Omnigraffle it's a good compromise.

I've been planning to try Keynote out on the iPad as well, as I've been using it on the desktop for a while now and quite like it, especially with the Keynote Wireframe Toolkit[2]. Might be another option to try if you already own a copy.


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