Re: [IxDA] Freelance Web App UI designer with understanding of usability concepts

20 Aug 2010 - 12:34am
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Verne Lindner

Here you go: Search should be in upper right - the three sections on dark grey are floating uncomfortably on nothing - interaction eleven graphic has white areas vanishing into background - type over image so date is hard to read - crappy type treatment - all type is too small - little corners by Are you new and Are you an old don't do anything (not buttons) and fail as section separators - ixda on twitter, etc. below the fold for no reason - you could easily have these moved up. - feedback tab makes no sense - it's way more prominent visually than anything else - Follow us... should be incorporated into feeds at bottom where you expect to find them - twitter should be one ixda feed only on the homepage - Where's contact? Shoud be on top nav, not just bottom -search resources vs ixDA search - why are there two search boxes with similar results - Logos can be Home buttons, but most users are looking for the word Home as well - you have to pause before hitting the logo - The sub headings under Are you new and Are you an old... don't seem that well thought out. - There's no real flow to the page - the stripes at the top look like they were tossed in, the fact that some boxes are marked with little top corners would seem to indicate that the corners were hot, but they aren't, the annoying little graphic to the right of Go Local not only hits just above a letter, but again, acts like a button and then isn't one. - I have no idea just by glancing what's the point of these four particular feeds on the bottom. - Basically, the page is junky. - Finally, the multi-colored graphic in the top blue-green rectangle is...what? Not buttons, not roll-overs, no animation and not part of the logo.

I'm interested in hearing more about the position.

Thanks, Verne Lindner

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