Required Items in Shopping Cart

20 Aug 2010 - 9:38am
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Hi all,

I have a problem that need some help.  I have a design where items selected from a middle panel and moved to a "shopping cart" on the right.  There are categories that must be selected from in the middle panel that are required, and the categories are marked as "Make a selection" in the shopping cart.   OK - that's the easy part.

The problem is the dependencies in the required items.  So it might be a list like this:


So, if A is selected, B (and all the children) are disabled.  However, if B is selected, B and all the children are thrown into the shopping cart, and are marked as needing selections. 

The suggestion from the team is just to list all the parents and children in the shopping cart with "Make A Selection" under each.  I think this might get cluttered and ugly pretty quick, and will require a lot of scrolling. In addition, it would seem that the shopping cart would have to become heirarchical, which I want to avoid. My original design simply had check marks by each category, but this was rejected. 

Any ideas?  Has anyone seen a good design soluiton to something like this.


Thanks in advance!


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