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23 Aug 2010 - 1:39pm
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Hi Everyone,I am a fellow IXDA member that has a good friend (Adele) in need of discounted UX design help for her start-up business called Latin Threads Trading. They offer fairly traded, handcrafted clothing and accessories for women from Oaxaca and Chiapas Mexico that fit well, look great, and contribute to improving the lives of indigenous artisans of Mexico. They work directly with the makers, creating their own designs and purchasing directly.  Please contact me (Keith) directly at kmillersf@hotmail.com if interested in helping out.
More details of the services needed and info on the company:To date they have only offered limited wholesale and retail through special events, etc.But now they really need to get the online sales up and running asap and are in desperate need of help due to a shortage of expertise, time, and $!

This is the concept they have developed as a plan to date:
1. Change over from free Wordpress hosting to Wordpress.org.
2. Make this their blog spot and put everything there that is not about the product such as markets,
    surveys, etc. The idea is to make it visually similar to the ecommerce site look (at least color, etc)
    to have some continuity.) People can click on a button on the ecommerce site to visit the blog.
3. Build the ecommerce site with Big Commerce, where they provide lots of services that can help
    track the business. It will be simple, without a lot of fluff but elegant, and will hopefully finally get their
    retail sales going. They imagine maybe 3-4 pages within the site.

Actions to Date:
1. They have moved the rough content to Wordpress where it awaits sorting and clean up.
2. They have a basic "skeleton" of the site mapped out on paper including a diagram of the landing
    page, etc. (They have an example site as a model to help streamline things).
3. They are working on the content but still have more to go. This is a priority for them so if they can find a good
    person to help, it will get their full attention.

They are really looking for someone who can make the above happen without hopefully reinventing the wheel. It can be simple but beautiful, functional without over complicating things, and most important, compelling. This site is as much about the people as the product. The owner, Adele, would be thrilled to find someone who loves the project, "gets" the idea of helping people and is willing to work for nothing...Well, maybe not nothing, but this is a new company and they don't have a real budget. However, She is very willing to do a trade for time at a fabulous house they own in Oaxaca, Mexico and/or for merchandise, etc... she is very open to talking about it if they find the right person.

Time line? ASAP
Current site is: www.latinthreadstrading.com
Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=115765248437621&ref=ts

Thanks so much!

Keith Miller 415-377-7500

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