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27 Aug 2010 - 2:58am
5 years ago
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Hi All,

Am working on an application which is to be developed in PEGA. Can anyone help me wtih

  • PEGA's limitations
  • architecture followed
  • How actions are performed
  • Till what level design can be custome built etc..


Any document, link or sample screens will be of help which could tell me what is not possible in PEGA... As various interactions i provided were not feasible in PEGA. So, wanted to understand its capabilities and limitations....


27 Aug 2010 - 3:15pm

PEGA is a terrible platform. I wish I could give you some insight on what works with PEGA, but I'm afraid the answer is that nothing really works with PEGA. It's a platform created for engineers who don't want to deal with user centered design. I know this because I had to work with PEGA for a couple years and it was awful.

Nothing was feasible. Every design idea, even the simple ones, were beyond the scope of PEGA. Examples of what cannot be built in PEGA include, but are not limited to: tabs, progress bars, proper layout, cleanly designed error messaging, hiding certain PEGA tools like their own print icon.

Yes, can custom build with PEGA. But it's not worth it because the custom code won't carry over whenever there is a PEGA upgrade.

Good luck with the application. My heart goes out to you.


27 Aug 2010 - 6:27pm

Just so you don't think that response is an outlier, my experience with PEGA was even worse than Mahua described. And, to top it all off, getting anything even slightly nuanced done typically requires excessively "certified" developers who only know PEGA and little else to do it for you.

My heart too goes out to you.

~ yoni

30 Sep 2010 - 8:54am
Know this is an older thread but will add my thoughts for the record as i was looking for more opinions.

Completely agree with yoni and mahua.

Pega is useful if your organization is willing to accept very subpar usability and user experience, and are willing to take on all the negatives of dealing with everything as a training issue.

Trying to solve simple problems is hard, and trying to solve challenging problems is nearly impossible since the level of customization required would mean you can't upgrade the product.

Pega attempts to substitute appropriate resourcing and mature software development methodologies with a toy that tries to automate those thing, very unsuccessfully from what i've seen.
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