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2 Sep 2010 - 10:14pm
5 years ago
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Diana Wynne

Hi Jon,

Your approach doesn't sound that awful. Checkboxes in a table are how most web-based email works, and most people today are familiar with email.

Many workflow applications like publishing or shipping, where users select several items and then update their status, behave in a similar manner.

How many different reasons are there? If it's only a few and they're short enough, they could be buttons. Think of Gmail: select and click Mark Read. How often do people need to describe an "other" with a custom reason? Could that be handled with a field that only appears after choosing Custom?

If there are lots of reasons, the list could go in a menu, but that hides them and makes the functionality less obvious.

I would encourage you to think about dragging reasons/resolutions to items rather than the other way around. After all, you're selecting a batch.

It doesn't sound like a touch screen or drag and drop really get you much. But javascript does--you can provide feedback showing that the new status has been applied (like a tag?) to each item, or as you've described it, clear it from the To do list and perhaps move it to a second Resolved section.

Finally, if you're moving from a paper-based system to an online one, except to adjust both your interface and user's expectations. This seems like a great opportunity for informal walkthroughs and paper prototypes with users. That will inform your design and speed adoption by user's who appreciate someone taking the time to understand what's efficient about their current system.

Hope this helps, Diana


4 Sep 2010 - 8:30am


Thank you for the very well thought out reply!

To anwer your questions:

How many different reasons are there?There are about 10 reasons, however, each reason has a sub-category. There are actually 3 things a person has to provide when citing a reason for the event: Category, Sub-Category, and Comment. No custom reasons, only the default system provided ones.

I really love the idea of dragging reasons to events!

Also, I dig the idea of updating in real time to show what reason is being applied after someone checks the item! Talk about system feedback, that is perfect!

Yep, I'm very anxious to test this with people. So far we've gotten really good feedback coming out of the first round of usability tests on the main screens, I'm looking forward to introducing this prototype for this weeks round of testing.

Thank you!!



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