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15 Sep 2010 - 12:32am
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I have got an oppourtunity to create a UCd process in organisation level. With my current understanding, i comeup with the process diagram , which includes step to follow in each section.

I want some to help me out and valdate this steps mention in ecah section, which  fullfuill the whole UCD process.
Pls correct me where ever i'm going wrong.
I,m attaching the UCD Process DIagram PPT.


UX-Design process.ppt

UX-Design process.ppt554.5 KB


15 Sep 2010 - 1:53am
Sascha Wagner

Maybe the ISO can help you out .

ISO 9241-210 Human-centred design for interactive systems


  • Understand and specify the context of use (including users, tasks, environments);
  • Specify the user requirements in sufficient detail to drive the design;
  • Produce design solutions which meet these requirements;
  • Conduct user-centred evaluations of these design solutions and modify the design taking account of the results.


ISO/IEC TR 25060:2010 General framework for usability-related information

The ISO/IEC TR 25060:2010 focuses on documenting those elements needed for design and development of usable systems, rather than prescribing a specific process.

15 Sep 2010 - 3:34am

Hi Sascha,

Thanks for ur reply.

Regarding ur post for HCI course. u can enroll in HCI for certified  UX Designer.



15 Sep 2010 - 1:54am

Hi Satyajit,

I'm currently working on the same topic for four agencies / enterprises. I support them to build up UX team with their companies. 

But I am fully immersed in work / defining these customized processes. perhaps it will or could help you take a look at my UX process I've developed in 2008.

Article on BaA:


schedule of UXD-P:


I hope I could help you a little bit.

15 Sep 2010 - 7:15am
Peter Boersma
Please, don't "come up with a process diagram" all by yourself! Here's my list of steps to define and document your design process: - Brainstorm with team to get all candidate deliverables - Create draft list of deliverables and steps in process - Describe (selected) deliverables and input/outputs - Present process to other departments - Improve process - Create draft diagram of deliverables in process - Create templates for deliverables - Write instructions around deliverables and process - Improve process - Promote your process - Measure working with new deliverables en proces - Review ad nauseam, improve continually For a collection of deliverables and process diagrams, check my presentations on the subject, e.g. http://www.slideshare.net/pboersma/ux-deliverables-in-practice-1466984
15 Sep 2010 - 11:05am
William Hudson

I don't know where you're located, but I am running one-day courses on UCD in Agile developments in London, Brussels and Hamburg over the next couple of months. From your PPT slides you certainly seem to be on the right track, but in the course I talk about how and why UCD needs to be adapted to Agile environments.

See www.syntagm.co.uk/design/schedule.shtml


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16 Sep 2010 - 5:17pm

Hi Satyajit

It seems as though some of the boundaries between the phases of your process are a bit fuzzy. For example, the creation of personas is part of what I call the Discovery Phase, as you can see in my recent column on UXmatters, "Design Is a Process, Not a Methodology":


That would likely map to your User Requirements Phase. You have Functional Specification and some other aspects of detailed design under Conceptual Design. Though there can be some overlap between Conceptual Design and Detailed Design activities, those activities primarily occur during Detailed Design. And Usability Evaluation is something that should ideally occur throughout all of the phases of a UCD process, as your phase details show, so I'm not sure why you have it on its own at the end of the process.

Overall, I like your diagram, but the hexagons don't seem to consistently follow a temporal sequence, and your color coding between your overall process diagram and your phase details broke down along the way, making it harder to follow.

Hope this helps.

Pabini Gabriel-Petit

Publisher & Editor in Chief

Founding Director of IxDA
IxDA Local Leader for Silicon Valley



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