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23 Sep 2010 - 8:45am
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THIS type on information sharing keeps me subscribed! Thank you!

Maybe we should (prepare for contentious word and thought - deep breath everyone :) ...) segregate the list into a student / newbie list and a professional list?

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Fwiw, here is a link to a recent Swedish dissertation: [1]

The PhD student, Rosa Gudjonsdottir, reports a case study of personas and
scenarios in use. The case is a multi-site research project, and I am not
sure how relevant you might find it, but the reason I wanted to share the
link is that Rose consistently uses illustrations to depict personas and she
has some reflections about that choice in the dissertation.

Briefly, her arguments for choosing illustrations over photos are (p. 120):

  • emphasize that personas are fictitous representations

  • allow more control over what the personas look like and how their
    environment is represented

  • no risk of using photos of people that someone in the development team
    knows or recognizes

  • illustrations tend to look more professional since the visual style of all
    personas will be more coherent

  • finally, illustrations support the creation of multiple representations
    such as life-size images and scenario pictures.

/Jonas Löwgren

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