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25 Sep 2010 - 11:00am
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Dan Saffer

On Sep 24, 2010, at 5:49 PM, Robert Racadio wrote:

> Hey Dan - can't seem to find where the list is. Is there a link I'm missing? >

The new IxDA site must strip out URLs put in < >. Which is fairly dumb as that's how you prevent URLs from breaking when someone's email client wraps the text. At least, that's how I understand it.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the link w/o brackets:



25 Sep 2010 - 7:38pm
Steve Baty

Perhaps we can start a separate thread in which to provide design feedback to the Kicker Studio folks about their blog, and keep this thread focused on the original question from Dan...

That said, I'd like to propose these two articles by Jon Kolko that speak to the 'design' side of interaction design, and the interplay between interaction design and information architecture. For all that they will be contentious in some respects, I believe it is important to understand how the core of interaction design connects to other disciplines, and design broadly. So:


Along the same vein, I would also suggest adding the essay: "Wicked problems in design thinking" by Richard Buchanan in The Idea of Design Margolin, V. & Buchanan, R (eds).


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