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27 Sep 2010 - 8:17pm
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Rajesh Ghodke

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>Job title: >Project Manager, Design and User Experience Date posted: >September 27, 2010 - 3:14pm Location: New York, NY >United States Employer:  >Wall Street Journal From a recruiter:  > >Direct employer Term:  > >Contract How to apply:  > >Email resume to Description:  > >Position: > >Project manager to help lead the Design, User Experience and Front End >coding teams on mobile and main-site projects for the Wall Street >Journal Digital Network. > >Qualifications: > >•       4 years experience in digital design and technology,
>including >2 years of project management experience. Candidates familiar with UI, >HTML/CSS are a plus. >•       Must be able to successfully plan, manage, execute and
>finalize a number of large and complex projects simultaneously >•       Develop a full scale front-end project plan (this includes >time-lines and deliverables for IA, Visual Design and HTML/CSS) >•       Coordinate and organize resources for multiple projects in
>various phases >•       Determine the need for additional resources and staff
>augmentation >•       A clear understanding of project development cycles >•       Knowledge of Usability and QA testing protocols a plus > >This position requires extreme organization, attention to detail and
>excellent verbal/written communication skills. > >Responsibilities include: > >•       Manage execution of IA, design and front end code for small
>and >large-scale projects, new product  development and enhancements to the >site functionality including 3rd party integration >•       Manage day-to-day team operations >•       Revise project plans as needed to adapt to scope creep and
>change requests >•       Prepare for internal and external stakeholder reviews >•       Enforce methodology and company/project standards >•       Review deliverables >•       Lead LoE assessments and scoping sessions >•       Minimize risk and flag launch gaters on project >•       Ensure product owner’s documentation is current > >(((Please leave all content below this line))) >________________________________________________________________ >Welcome to the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Discussion! >Manage Subscriptions or Unsubscribe ..........
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