Re: [IxDA] The PERFECT interaction or experience designer's workspace

30 Sep 2010 - 8:08am
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Adrian Howard

My personal preferences (mostly built around what I've seen work well :-)

On 30 Sep 2010, at 11:56, John Gibbard wrote: [snip] > Some feeder questions > * Beyond whiteboards, what creative spaces do you like to work from/within?

Personally I like spaces where the majority of people are sitting and working together around a project, with a few separate private spaces for people to go off and take phone calls or work individually.

> * Are clear-desk policies stiffling to creativity?

I'd say yes.

Not so much for the having to have a clear desk bit - but because people's tasks don't always end neatly at the end of a day. Being able to drop what you're doing and come back the next day where you left off is useful.

> * Are you surrounded by a nest of books and articles?

Pretty much :-)

> * How can our environment reflect our exceptional focus on the (user) > experience?

Personally - I'd try and get some spaces where the "creative" and "technical" folk can sit and work together. If the company has an exceptional focus on the UX - then everybody in the company needs to be involved in understanding and building the UX.

In my experience separating the creatives completely away from the rest of the organisations harms more than it helps there. I've a rant about that at :-)


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