Re: [IxDA] ANN: Leah Buley's new book-in-progress--The UX Team of One

30 Sep 2010 - 4:22pm
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Helen Killingbeck

This sounds like a fantastic book! Were they watching me today :'-( Helen

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Louis Rosenfeld wrote:

>(apologies for duplicate postings) > >I'm very happy to announce that Adaptive Path's Leah Buley >has just begun >work on a new Rosenfeld Media >book, /The UX Team of One.  >// >The UX Team of One/ >will be the first book specifically for >people doing UX work without the support of a team. What's so different >about being a team of one? Fewer resources. Creative isolation. >Organizational ignorance. Sometimes even hostility. /The UX Team of >One/ will explore the real life organizational situations that teams >of one work in, and prescribes lean approaches that have big impact and >take less time than the standard lineup of UX deliverables. Whether >you want to cross over into user experience or you're a seasoned >practitioner, this book will give you tools and insight for doing more >with less. > >You >can keep up with the book's progress by visiting its site
> [1] > >...or follow @ugleah [2] >and @rosenfeldmedia [3] >...or > >subscribe to its RSS feed: [4] >...or be notified (and get a discount) when it goes on sale [5] > >Please help spread the word; many thanks! > >cheers > >Louis Rosenfeld :: [6] :: @louisrosenfeld >Rosenfeld >Media :: [7] >:: @rosenfeldmedia > >(((Please leave all content below this line))) >________________________________________________________________ >Welcome to the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Discussion! >Manage Subscriptions or Unsubscribe ..........
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