Re: [IxDA] PEGA Limitations

30 Sep 2010 - 4:24pm
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Helen Killingbeck

I fully agree ::-)

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minimalist wrote:

>Know this is an older thread but will add my thoughts for the record as i was
>looking for more opinions. > >Completely agree with yoni and mahua. > >Pega is useful if your organization is willing to accept very subpar
>usability and user experience, and are willing to take on all the negatives
>of dealing with everything as a training issue. > >Trying to solve simple problems is hard, and trying to solve challenging
>problems is nearly impossible since the level of customization required would
>mean you can't upgrade the product. > >Pega attempts to substitute appropriate resourcing and mature software
>development methodologies with a toy that tries to automate those thing, very
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