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12 Oct 2010 - 4:13pm
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Amy Copelin

Being new to the greater Cincinnati area, one of the first things I became aware of was The Banks project. What I most frequently hear is skepticism and doubt as to whether it will ever be realized. From what I can surmise, recent progress includes beginning construction on residential and retail developments. But, it’s difficult to determine what exactly the next phases are and when they will begin. Now that plans for retail and residential development are underway is the Riverfront Park next? Some features I’ve heard about include bike paths, trails, water features, family size porch swings, and more depending on what website you consult. All of this sounds really exciting, but leaves me wondering, where is the excitement in the community? I also don’t see it reflected in the resources available online. Isn’t there a better way to present the project to the public, build excitement, and keep the community feeling involved? It seems like there are several websites that discuss progress, but also just as many outdated sites that give me the impression the plan has stagnated or people have lost interest. Couldn’t there be a better tool for informing, educating, building excitement and support for the project?


19 Oct 2010 - 1:37pm


Our team at Centogram worked on the architecting/development side of The Banks Public Partnership site -

The goal of the site is to present the management efforts toward goals for safety, budget, inclusion and schedule. The site does share details that show the public that the project is on track but does not present the features that excited you and thus doesn't fulfill that need you see. I'm interested to consider/discuss  your thoughts on what might be ideas for a really great tool for informing, educating, building excitement and support. Please lay them out. It'd be a good exercise to consider how to do this right. Thanks.

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