Samsung Mobile Innovator officially launches Theme support service

13 Oct 2010 - 3:36am
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On October 13, 2010, Samsung Mobile Innovator launches its Theme support service and Samsung Theme Designer.


Samsung Theme Designer is an authoring tool for designers and developers to create Theme content for native Samsung mobile phones including bada OS phones. With its release, designers and developers will have the opportunity to create their own themes and distribute them to millions of Samsung Mobile users across the globe via Samsung Apps.


Samsung Theme Designer allows users to create their own themes with just a few  clicks,  making the process of creating themes for Samsung mobile phones very simple. Ease-of-use and rapid development across Samsung smart phone and feature-phone devices are just two of the benefits we are delivering with today’s launch of the Samsung Mobile Innovator Theme section.


What will you find in the Theme section?


Tools and SDKs

You can download the latest version of Samsung Theme Designer which is designed to help you develop themes for native Samsung mobile phones.


Knowledge base articles

Here you will find all the information you’ll need to get started building Samsung Mobile Themes. You’ll find an in-depth overview of the technical specifications and features of our theme implementation.


Discussion Boards

This is the place to share your knowledge, experience and opinions with other Samsung Mobile Innovator members. Also you can receive answers to your theme related questions from our Samsung Mobile Theme experts within 24 hours of submission.


We are excited to be able to launch our Theme section to the Samsung Mobile Innovator community and whether you are a developer looking to target mobile devices, or a designer keen to explore themes, we are sure you will find our area useful. Now it’s time for you to compose and express your style with Samsung Theme Designer!


For further information please visit the Theme section            (

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