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18 Oct 2010 - 11:17am
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Danny Muller

Hi all:  

As we begin to pull the plug on our IxDA Atlanta Ning network in favor of the IxDA.org site, we need to figure out what we should bother moving (email addresses for members) and what just needs to disappear.  Sue Chase has offered to put some time into the migration, and I'd like to figure out who has admin rights to the local chapter.  I remember seeing emails awhile ago from Maria to some head guy at IxDA.org, but I am not sure where all that landed (I don't see any kind of admin rights when I log on, so I am not sure who besides Maria has admin rights).

I also would like to do a quick overview with someone at IxDA.org on what the capabilities of this site are.  Can members send each other emails like we could on the Ning site?  Can members post videos?  Job listings?  Or is this restricted to admin?

I also would like to post the videos from our recent Design Slam in Atlanta on this site, as an incentive for those members who attended to check out this new site.  So I'll need some advice on how to do that.  



22 Nov 2010 - 10:55am
Maria Cordell

Just to update this thread...

Since Danny posted the above, IxDA Atlanta figured out how to make a couple of other folks (including Danny) admins of the Atlanta Local microsite [1] at ixda.org, so we're good there.

There's still little to no information on making a smooth transition from our Ning site [2] to the Atlanta Local microsite. There's been discussion about it among the IxDA leadership, but I haven't seen any definitive plan or process, and migration is an issue several local groups face.

Perhaps IxDA Atlanta can take a stronger role in figuring out how to migrate folks. If Sue is willing, perhaps she can either spearhead (or at least share findings on) figuring out the right approach for a Ning to ixda.org transition. It should also be possible to team up with members of other local groups who are also trying to address this. I'd guess the Local Leaders' Basecamp site is probably the best place to do it.


[1] http://www.ixda.org/local/ixda-atlanta

[2] http://ixdaatlanta.ning.com/

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