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19 Oct 2010 - 2:38pm
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Dear friends and vvvvans,  

We would like to invite you to the second edition of the NODE - Forum for Digital Arts.

November 15th - 20th, 2010: NODE10 – Forum For Digital Arts

For detailed information and ticket booking please visit:  

The purpose of NODE is to facilitate the exchange between art, design and engineering in interactive and generative media. The 'NODE - Forum for Digital Arts' emerged in 2008 from an initiative of associates of MESO who at the same time had been developers and users of the graphical programming language vvvv (

At first, NODE was meant to support the community of people using vvvv to create artistic and creative software projects, but it quickly changed into an international forum for knowledge exchange between designers, artists and engineers of various fields believing in the powers of programming and digital technologies. NODE08 turned out to be a one week-long rush of discussions, theoretical and practical lectures and workshops, artist presentations and events.

NODE10 should go way beyond NODE08. So, the focus of this year's lectures and exhibition 'abstrakt Abstrakt' is the investigation of cultural consequences of a post-industrialized, software-driven society. The workshops and open lab complement the theoretical views with practical hands on workshops about vvvv and related programming environments. Participants look into the subjects through workshops and talks combined with subsequent symposiums and live performances.

Here are some hightlights:

 / Exhibition 'abstrakt Abstrakt - The Systemized World'  › With Ralf Baecker, FIELD, Ben Fry, Leander Herzog, Robert Hodgin, Thilo Kraft, Brandon Morse, Louise Naunton Morgan, John Powers, Patrick Raddatz, SOFTlab, Jorinde Voigt, Zimoun. Curated by Marius Watz and Eno Henze

 / Lecture day  › With Lutz Dammbeck, Klaus Mainzer, Frieder Nake, Sebastian Oschatz, Marius Watz, presented by Eno Henze

 / Lecture Session 'Digital Media in Performing Arts'  › With Frieder Weiss, Scott deLahunta, ID_Frankfurt/Independent Dance, Steve Valk

 / VVVV workshops  by the core development team and the most obsessed users include › All week Projection Mapping, Dance & Media and Audio Visual workshops. VVVV for Beginners, Data Visualization, Multitouch Paradigms, Mathematics in VVVV, Effects and Shaders, Multiscreen Setups, Plugin Coding, Web Based Userinterface, Character Animation, Physics Based Animation

/ Massimo Banzi comes for the Arduino workshop and the people behind Fritzing will share their knowlege.

 / AV-Performances  › With Pan Am Scan (Berlin), Abstract Birds (Italy), Paul Prudence (Uk)

 / Nightly Patcher Kucha Talks  hosted by Max Wolf

 / vvvv keynote  hosted by Joreg and Sebastian Gregor (vvvv Group)

 / Deluxe  selected works from Florian Egermann, Jonas Bohatsch, Daniel Tauber, Daniel Stempfer, Florian Jenett, James Snazzel, Stefan Schwabe

For detailed information and ticket booking please visit  


The NODE10 Organization Team


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