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21 Oct 2010 - 4:50pm
4 years ago
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The always popular Mobile Design Elements template library (in InDesign) has been updated, and moved:

It lives with an all new mobile patterns wiki. We want community participation, but even without that, it's a part of an O'Reilly book we're writing, so will be all populated in just a few months:

Add your good (and bad) ideas, to the list, even if you don't want to do actual writing for free. Also includes links to other UI stencils, UI guidelines, and other design tools. So add yours if it got left out, and fix things if you find broken links, etc.


15 Nov 2011 - 9:22am

Over the past year, this wiki turned into the book Designing Mobile Interfaces, which is now available via O'Reilly or Amazon

The wiki is still there, and has 100% of the book content, including 76 design patterns, large lists of design tools and other things I hope are helpful to implementing and understanding design. 

To commemorate the release, I'm doing the requisite "win a free copy" with a thematically-related contest: identify as many devices as you can from this image:

Described fully in this blog entry:

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