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22 Oct 2010 - 1:13am
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Recently, I came across this course at NTU, Singapore: 'Master of Arts In Interactive Design' (which borrows faculty from Domus for the workshop phase of the course). But I have no idea of the market for IxD in Singapore and am wondering whether I should take this up.

I wonder if anybody on this forum can give me a few directions:

  1. if the course is any good?
  2. the employability of the degree in singapore and globally?
  3. how this course fares in comparison with Umea / CIID / DA / etc?
  4. whether and what kind of focus it has on User Research?

Thanks in advance,


16 Nov 2011 - 10:40pm

Hi Ovlique,

i facing the same problem with you now. Do you have any advice about the program from any professional? Is the course subject is taught the same like Umea, CIID ,etc?



18 Nov 2011 - 9:27pm

Hi J,

The NTU-ADM-Domus MA Interaction Design was withdrawn/never ran and if you look for it on the ADM-NTU site is says:
"For more information on the Application Procedures for the Master Programs, please come back again."

I tried emailing them, email got bounced due to full inbox and my calls were never returned!

From the original prospectus, it seems like a decent program. I think Domus is working with another SG institution to run an interaction design program.

I'd say that the work prospect for IxD in SG is good - people are looking for designers beyond design production - thinkers, analysts...

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