[Event] The Fantastic Tavern - “From Twit to Twitter”

24 Oct 2010 - 8:09pm
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Sabrina Fonseca

The Fantastic Tavern - “From Twit to Twitter”
When: Wednesday 3rd November - 6:30pm onwards
Venue: Houndstooth Pub, 520 8th Avenue @ 37th Street, New York

On Wednesday 3rd November we are taking The Fantastic Tavern from London to New York for an evening meeting of minds to share insights, expertise, experience and beer.

The event this time is all about the power of ‘Social’ as an enabler within and beyond the enterprise, for sales, services and engagement.

There will be five rapid fire presentations with discussions through-out – the TFT is an interactive discussion, not a passive presentation.

The four confirmed sessions are:

  - Managing Brand in Social Spaces
    Matthew Bagwell Global Creative Director, EMC Consulting

  - Facebook while you Work? - The Role of Social within the Enterprise
    Patrick Steger, Head of Operations, Application Architecture, Design and and Development, EMC Consulting US

  - Measuring the Value of the Social web
    David Ellis, Head of Performance Measurement, UK

  - Using Social as a Weapon in the War on Talent
    Michelle Flynn, Head of Recruitment, EMC Consulting UK

One more session will be confirmed)

The Fantastic Tavern:

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