Re: [IxDA] Re: [IxDA] HTML 5 Design and Development Rock Stars Wanted!

24 Oct 2010 - 9:23pm
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Santiago Bustelo

I prefer the title "War Lord".

As in "Are you a War Lord Manager? Are you eager to get to the top of
the hill leaving no survivors? Do you ruthlessly pursue business
objectives in a winner-takes-all fashion, leaving seas of blood and
severed limbs on the field? Do you call competitors 'enemies' and burn
out employees 'acceptable losses'? Give us a call!"


Santiago Bustelo IxDA Buenos Aires

On 25/10/2010, at 00:05, mcaskey wrote:

> Which is more Sr.. Ninja, Samurai, Ronin, or Monk? > > I'm thinking I'll start using "Monk" in place of "Sr." in my job
> posts from now on... Hmmm... maybe priest, since we already have our
> evangelists. > > That fumbled... anyone know some great Monk Designers and Developers
> looking for stuff to meditate on right now?

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