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28 Oct 2010 - 9:17am
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Hi all,

I am making a research on UX Department organization.

In order to help me, would you like to answer to four questions about your UX department?

Here there are the questions:

1) which are the roles in the department and which is the job title for each role?

2) which are the skills for each role?

3) how many levels of seniority have you got?

4) how many people are there for each level of seniority?


Any further advice will be appreciated

Thank you in advance :-)




28 Oct 2010 - 4:35pm
Ed Macovaz

We're too small to need much heirarchy -  just three Interaction Designers and a visual designer. I find less specialization better - it's unavoidable as teams get larger, but the less specialization the less bottlenecks you'll have. We only distinguish between Interaction Designers and Visual Designer, but even then I would expect all of us to be able to step into either role at a pinch.

An important element is that designers aren't just members of a UX team. There are two development teams working with scrum and each has an Interaction Designer embedded. There's then a senior designer who determines the overall vision and collaborates with the other two Interaction Designers on the details of each of their stories. The Visual Designer is freelance and either reviews designs or creates visual elements as needed.

I would suggest you try to think how you can add UX expertise to teams, rather than supplying UX as a service from within a specialized team.

Hope this was helpful.

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