What Your Home Page Needs for Users to See Value

31 Oct 2010 - 1:30pm
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I think everyone here agrees that you have a limited time (seconds) to engage your users when they visit your site for the first time otherwise its right to the back button for them. 

This article talks about using compelling headlines and images to communicate the value users will get from your website instantly. What are some other effective ways to engage users?

What Your Home Page Needs for Users to See Value




31 Oct 2010 - 3:32pm

Hi uxmovement,

I don't post on here much but I felt compelled to respond after seeing several posts from you recently. Your website comes across trying to sound like an authoritative source, but I think an important piece missing from your site is transparency and a sense of trustworthiness. Basically, who are you and what are your sources? Here's what your About page says:

UX Move­ment is a user inter­face design blog for design thinkers. It’s a place where peo­ple share knowl­edge on user inter­face ideas, tech­niques and best prac­tices to help oth­ers design bet­ter user experiences. We pub­lish insight­ful design arti­cles that you won’t find any­where else. Join UX Move­ment and you will grow to become a bet­ter designer and design thinker.

From what I've found there's only one author named "anthony" and my impression so far is that he takes liberally from others' research, puts his own spin on things, and then posts it onto the blog in a neat package.  Also, a quick whois of the site shows the registrant as someone with the same name.  If this is you, I feel like you jumped ahead of yourself by trying to manufacture a community of professionals rather than establishing your own ground as an individual.

I'm not simply trying to blast you or saying that you can't post your thoughts (that's what blogs are for, right?) but how about backing up a step and sharing your experience without the pretense?



31 Oct 2010 - 8:29pm

well said Eugene

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