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3 Nov 2010 - 6:29am
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Alan James Salmoni

Agreed in part: however, even the recruiters "spamming" the board benefit the IxDA in turn. They form part of our user base: they are users, even if not primary ones.
How often have we, as practitioners, had to argue the case for good UX and IxD against a chorus of business requirements that make perfect sense in isolation but miss the big picture? In my experience, quality work has been toned down to the point of mediocrity because of many business requirements that were given a priority over effective design. 
I think we need to think about this as designers: what are our user's goals, and what benefits will drive the user base. In part, I feel that a healthy job board contributes towards that. I can see that charges need to be made to cover various costs but too little and we get full of irrelevant ads, and too much and we get too few positions which makes the IxDA seem moribund and out of touch with the rest of this dynamic, thriving field.
From this I would argue for a smaller increase done regularly and a check on the number of job ads shown. Why?
First so we don't 'shock' our users by a sudden increase (foot in the door technique). Second we can gauge where the threshold is without alienating users en masse.
Proviso: I haven't given much time to the board so my opinions may be valued less than those of others. I have, however, brought staff-seekers to the job board which has resulted in hard cash being handed over.
On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 9:59 AM, Niklas Mortensen <> wrote:

I must say I'm with Dave and the IxDA board on this. I believe IxDAs
dedication to us as practitioners, does not mean that commercially driven
enterprises (no matter how small) should get a free ride. If charging
for job ads allows IxDA to keep up their activities and commitment to us
as practitioners I'm all in. Charging for job-posts does not stop the
aforementioned recruiter(s) interacting with our community through the
list, they just can't exploit it for their own commercial benefit as before.

Companies should be happy/glad/ecstatic to give something back to
the community, and thus supporting the organizations effort to provide
great value for them
through our continued use (and abuse) of IxDA. Especially recruiters who earn their living by "spamming" the IxDA list
strike me as particularly ungrateful when the reaction is to abandon
IxDA all together. As if the thousands of hours put in by the IxDA
volunteers hasn't benefited them over the years? But hey, this only my
personal opinion, so we'll probably have to agree to disagree.


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