Re: [IxDA] What makes an application feel fast?

6 Nov 2010 - 1:37pm
5 years ago
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Nils-Erik Gustafsson

Two factors were identified in a study several years ago (sorry, don't remember the reference):

1) The perceived complexity of an operation influences the user's expectations.

2) In a sequence of operations necessary to achieve a goal, the user grows increasingly patient.

No rocket science, but validated by the study.

This means that simple operations like moving a cursor, selecting an object, scrolling, etc. must be as fast as possible. Providing adequate feedback whenever instantaneous response is crucial.

Nils-Erik Gustafsson


9 Nov 2010 - 5:49am
Simon Raess

Thanks, Nils-Erik,

Please let me know if you remember any clues on how to find the study you're referring to.

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