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9 Nov 2010 - 1:20am
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Prof. AProfeta

Bill, Those are some real gems! But I might have you beat... Years ago I attended a Macromedia conference on the new accessibility features in Dreamweaver, 2001 I think, so that was DW4. Anyway, upon explaining the value that DW4 accessibility checker and other features would bring to our client projects (of which 80 percent where government and edu).

I had my Art Director/ boss at the time tell me "Why don't you stop with the 508 and ADA compliance crap. Websites are meant to be cool, besides blind people have no business being on the Web!"

Of course he was notorious for 6pt fonts etc. FYI 3 weeks afterwards President Clinton signed the 508 into law.

Regards, TonyPRO

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The most frustrating is as a designer is having the dinosaurs of a company

make statements like these. And they keep thier jobs.

These are real Quotes that were spoken to me.

"I dont know what SEO is, but we should not care what Goolge's users think
about us."

"What do you mean by "Social Media. I never heard of Facebook and If I never
heard about it we should not care about it"

" it is un-professional that you suggest we create a mobile app strategy or
pursue such a bad idea. I don't see people ever using  mobile phones except
to make a phone call."

"Right before the user checks out we should make them click on a few ads
before they can finish paying."






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