New RRS tool

10 Nov 2010 - 12:24am
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We have made a useful tool for helping those who need SEO content for their sidebars. Here is a tool that will auto create an RSS feed of relevant content on any search term. The data is pulled from the major search engines real time and is cached for about 15 minutes then updates.

If you are good enough to parse the content server side then it will give the site SEO benefit for displaying topically relevant content in their sidebars with authoritative relevant outbound links. It technically will be duplicate content (compared with the web) but it is time sensitive great content. Even if you use the normal javascript parsing like in many sidebar widgets today, it will still benefit the visitors to the sites to view really great news in the sidebar.

If you dynamically change the search term in the RSS url call you will be able to add different content on pages of your site that need more text to prevent being duplicate content in comparison to other pages on the same site. This means the pages of your site have a higher percentage of different content then each other. This will benefit SEO but also pay per click quality score metrics. For those who know how to create auto posts based on RSS feeds have a go at it. :)

Example, you could pull the category of the page or one or more of the tags and auto replace the search term variable in the RSS url call. You should look into how this can be used because it can create an auto updating RSS feed on any topic in the world. You can also use normal search operators a lot of times (Not ALL) like and and, etc. to really laser in your results.

Just change the search term (TOPIC+HERE) on the end of this url.

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