Designing the Exhibit Experience Review

10 Nov 2010 - 1:04am
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Matt Schnauber


Designing the Exhibit Experience.
October 28, 2010
The Toonseum, the museum of cartoon art located on Liberty Avenue, was the scene for this month’s event. It was the perfect location as attendees were immersed in an environment dedicated to cartoon artwork. Joe Wos, museum founder and Executive Director shared the history of the Toonseum and explained how the museum promotes deeper learning of the artwork by not providing a written description, encouraging attendees to directly engage the staff  to learn more. 
Brian Cicco, Creative Director of Experiental Marketing at Derse, an exhibit design firm, explained the challenges of designing an exhibit that appeals to both children with fickle attention spans and those who want a richer experience (the solution: ensure individual components of an exhibit are strong enough on their own while contributing to the larger whole). He also shared his work for an exhibit for a drug that treats Alzheimer’s disease.   Without any quantitative data, hard to come by for a drug of this nature yet the kind of thing that attendees would be looking for, his team focused on telling an emotional story. The exhibit was designed to resemble an attic (where we store our “physical memories”) and attendees participated in games that hammered home the message.
In the end, both Joe and Brian summed- up their thoughts on what makes a great exhibit: make sure it tells a story. 
Special thanks to the Toonseum for opening their doors to members of IxDA.


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