Java based web frameworks - any experiences regarding flexibility and frontend design?

16 Nov 2010 - 7:46am
5 years ago
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frank dahle

In the planning of a large scale web application project the following web frameworks has been suggested:


  • JBoss Seam
  • Spring Web Flow
  • Spring MVC
  • JSF
  • PrimeFaces
  • Struts
  • Stripes
  • Tapestry
  • Wicket
  • AppFuse
  • Turbine


My concern as the principal consultant on user experience is to avoid any frameworks with limitations that can compromise our main target, an efficient, user friendly concept. I'm sure you all know my concerns in this regard.

Please, share with me any exepriences you have with any of these frameworks! I need to know what to choose...



Frank Dahle

Oslo, Norway



16 Nov 2010 - 10:34am

Hi Frank,

Have you had a look a the Google Web Toolkit?

It's a Java based framework that allows you to build dynamic web applications that automatically work on all browsers. Google use it for most of the web products including Gmail, Adsense and many others.

I have to admit I haven't tried it myself, but the projects in company that have strongly recommend it as way of easily being able to build rich and dynamic user interfaces in a Java platform. I'd be very interested to here about any anyone else's experience with this framework.

Hope this helps.

Tom Alterman 

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