Event: MEX, 30 Nov - 01 Dec, London

19 Nov 2010 - 4:59am
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The next MEX on the future of mobile user experience is in London in 10 days time (30 Nov - 01 Dec).


The title for this 8th international edition of MEX is '6 pathways to the mobile UX horizon'.

100 of the deepest thinkers from mobile, media and design will work together to create new ideas in response the 6 Pathways through expert presentations and in-depth working groups.  Pathways include:


  1. Define more efficient user experience techniques for an age of network austerity
  2. Research the implications of supporting more than one screen from a single device
  3. Develop interface designs for multi-person, simultaneous use of touchscreens
  4. Identify ways 3D can enrich the user experience with visual depth
  5. Create best practice for the user experience of mobile health services
  6. Inspire new form factors and counter the trend towards ubiquity of the slate



If you'd like to get involved, there are 2 ways to participate:

1) A free blog resource of essays and links exploring the 6 MEX Pathways, updated daily:


2) There's still time to buy a participant pass (£1499) for the full MEX experience, including the 2 day event on 30 Nov - 01 Dec, with a complete summary package of videos/presentations/sketches etc...



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