Security in Interactive Design

23 Nov 2010 - 10:24pm
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interactive fiction

Hey folks,

I was wondering if current debates on privacy inform anybody's design decisions. For example, I heard about a project where the company Schematic created RFID tags to interact with a digital wall at Cannes Lions. From my experience, I know that whatever data is being tracked through those RFID tags could be combined from any data previously collected (CC infro, name, email, address, etc) and run through a credit bureau such as Experian to develop a profile of each attendee. You could list such qualities as average income, buying habits, reception to marketing tactics, and so forth. I'm not denouncing RFID or marketing in general, in fact I think both are very useful, but as marketing techniques adapt to new technology, I've seen some pushback from such groups as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and others. I was wondering if this has influenced any projects, or if this is seen as chatter in the background.

Anyway, hope this sparks some conversation! Thanks!

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