Visualizing a Competency Profile

25 Nov 2010 - 6:24am
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Ali Naqvi

Hello people,

my task is to visualize a "Competency Profile" which will be presented to the users after answerings several questions about experience, personality, wishes etc., on a job bank.

I am no graphic designer and have struggling with this.

I have attached an example of how this COULD look like.

Could anyone please help me by commenting on this one or attach a better design than this one?




Competency Profile design example.JPG


Competency Profile design example.JPG20.24 KB


25 Nov 2010 - 8:31am

I think a lot more information is needed to answer your question, such as the parameters that go into the equation and by which scales these are supposed to be presented.

But in general, I find spiderweb graphs and similar infoviz's a bit outdated (they were very popular in the late 90s). They are not particularly informative or interesting. They reveal a shape to look at, but can the user act from it? Mostly, no.

Another comment:  It looks as though your design only has an interaction option  - "Look at job proposals". I would choose another representation of the competency profile and seperate it from the main task which is to find a job on the site.

25 Nov 2010 - 9:42am
Ali Naqvi

Hello uxrockabilly,

the site is to be used by unskilled - unemployed jobseekers. Age 18-60 from all over the country. It will be in Danish for both Danes and immigrants. The personas describes these users as some having low Danish speaking power while some users may be very fluent in the language. The design was provided by the customer as an example. My task is to improve this. The customer's criteria is that both a written and a visual representation of the user's competency profile be shown. Both will be calculated/put together, by the user's answers prior to all this. Also the aim is for the written representation to be useful in a CV/resume.

This graph is supposed to  show what sort of person he/she is.

Stability, introvert, extrovert and being restless are the 4 points in this graph. A person may thus e a very communicative/Stable person, or a very introvert/restless person etc.

I personally believe that a visual representation can assist a text in describing/informing something.

I was given the task lately which includes a GUI creation.....




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