IxDA Update

9 Dec 2010 - 12:11pm
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I'd like to apologize to the group for being kind of quiet. I had a death in the family in October followed by the death of a very good friend in November. Consequently, real work backed up and you know how that goes. 

Here is the good news though: the IxDA Holiday Mixer is on. It's next week in Addison and the Lonestar chapter of STC has kindly allowed us to crash their location. Next year more planning will go into it. We had intended to put on a scavenger hunt but holiday parties have to be planned much further in advance than even October around here. Locations book up fast. 

The point of the mixer is to open our arms to other groups who also work in the user experience fields. Networking and giveaways galore. There will also be a book exchange. I will also award a prize for the oldest interaction/design book. 

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