Great Article on some of Google's problems

22 Dec 2010 - 3:50am
5 years ago
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Kunal Kapoor


29 Dec 2010 - 4:43pm
Hezi Taniani

Kunal - thanks for the post.

I read this article 3 days ago and found it extremely interesting (and inspiring as well). I agree that nowadays, Google facing mayor challenges regarding the design of their new services/products. But, unlike iPhone OS and  Apple TV, Google has chosen to integrate open source platforms (Android, Google TV) in their services therefore it isn't that easy to deliver smooth UX like Apple does. In other Google products such as Google search, Gmail, Google Analytics - I really like the simplicity and think it still gives them a big advantage over their competitors. 

I do believe that Google needs to start designing products with UX as their main core as well as hire talented Interaction designers as possible. In addition, Google will benefit from building more UX Design centers/ groups and integrating to its R&D centers worldwide (like they do in Bangalore, India).


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