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30 Dec 2010 - 11:32pm
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Hi everyone,

We're closing in on 300 pitches over at elegant.ly — and we simply do not have enough talent to match them up with companies. We need top tier designers, like you, to apply. The need is especially dire in San Francisco / Silicon Valley but we have pitches all over, including Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and even places like Barcelona, London, Brazil, Israel, etc.

What is elegant.ly?

It's a site that I created earlier this year, where designers apply and if accepted, have the ability to browse pitches from startups. There are a few important differences in how I'm different than a job site:


  1. Companies answer a series of designer-written questions on elegant.ly, like an interview, which composes their pitch. Job listing sites give the company a freeform box to post their description. I ask questions like what voice will the designer have, key challenges, your five word pitch, the story of the company, target audience, etc.
  2. Designers 'apply' to the community, but companies never see your information. You cannot be contacted by them. It's 100% private. So if you're employed, which most of you are, that's great. This is specifically tailored for the working designer, who might be interested in a new startup in his or her passion area, whether it's politics, sports, finance, music, travel, you name it– there are a lot of exciting companies being founded right now, and even later stage companies like Yelp and Facebook have posted very senior positions here. You may receive a friendly 'hello' from my talent agent Amy, who specializes in matching designers with their dream jobs.
  3. Many of the companies are early stage, and offer co-founder level opportunities, which is a substantial equity position. Is it riskier than a large agency, yes, but the reward could be life-changing. It's a great time to be in our profession.
  4. As I mentioned, elegant.ly has a talent agent. You can contact her if you're ready for a change, but just don't know where you want to go. She offers this service free to you, the designer. elegant.ly charges companies only for searches.
So please, whether you're ready for a move, or just curious, you've got nothing to lose. My application pulls your LinkedIn profile, giving you a nice head start.

Apply here!

Thank you,
Jason Putorti


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