Flex / Catalyst based RIA's, today

18 Jan 2011 - 5:54am
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Hello Friends,

with the raising Adobe Catalyst, Flash-Builder, Design-Tools (PS, AI, FW etc..) round trip opportunity things might change a lot.

But there are still prejudices against using Flash based technology.

Opportunists refer most time to Jakob Nielsen  or nowadays Steve Jobs.

In the following I use Flash as synonym for Flex, Catalyst based RIAs.

I was always a big 'fan' of the Flash technology and told everyone who argued with bad loading times, that it is most time the fault of the developer and will change anyways once most people have a broadband connection.

For me there was always the vision of creating unique, cinematic, immersive, fluid to navigate Web-Pages (RIAs).
I am currently writing my Master Thesis about Flash technology and its usage as base for RIAs.
Therefore I am looking for references which are "pro" Flash.

Someone at the Adobe Forum suggested me to write here to gather more impressions.

Any constructive help, suggestion, or what ever, is welcome as long as it is "pro" Flash.

Best Regards








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